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Personal Note: I'm extremely excited and really honoured to share this interview!  Jeremy and fast.ai have been my greatest life experiences and gurus so I'm really grateful that I get to share this interview.

In this episode, Sanyam Bhutani interviews Jeremy Howard: Co-Founder at fast.ai and Guru to the complete fast.ai community.  

They talk all about Jeremy's journey into through the field as a Consultant to Founder to Kaggle Rank 1 followed by founding fast.ai.  

They also discuss all about the fast.ai forums: The research that goes into it, how Jeremy and Sylvain collaborate on research and how the course is prepared.  


fast.ai course:



Jeremy Howard:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeremyphoward

Fast.ai https://twitter.com/fastdotai


Show Notes and Timings:

3:10- College and Management Consulting

9:43: Programming Career

11:12 Career as Founder

15:38: Kaggle

26:38: Investing to Kaggle and Role as President

28:31 Funding Enlitic and ML in Medical Domain

34:43 Founding fast.ai

38:03 Journey as an Educator

41:02 Devolopment of the course

44:08 How does research at fast.ai happen?

48:32 Tenacity in ML

50:33 Finding Obscure Papers

53:29 Writing the library

53:03 fast.ai Book

56:03 Collaborating with Sylvain

59:14 Which version of the course should we take?

1:02:57 How does Jeremy spend half of the day on learning?

1:05:46 How does Jeremy learn ML?

1:14:38 Favourite Student Project

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