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A short Guide to installing Ubuntu 18.04 alongside windows 10 on your PC.


  • It is highly recommended that you backup your important files before proceeding, even though this method has been tested multiple times.
  • Create a Windows Bootable pendrive (Failsafe) using the Microsoft Tool Here.
  • Disable Fast Startup
    (Using Search, Open Power Options) Power Options > System Settings > Choose what the power buttons do and uncheck the Turn on fast startup box.
  • Disable Secure Boot
    - Search Advanced Startup Options
    - Click on Restart Now
    - Select TroubleShoot>Advanced Options>UEFI Firmware Option Settings>Restart
    - Next BIOS Settings will open, this will vary depending on your setup
    - Navigate to Boot Tab
    - Disable Secure Boot
    - You may need to Turn Legacy Support On/Off
  • Create “Free Space” for Ubuntu
  • This is the Total amount of Space that you want to allocate to Ubuntu
  • Using Search, Open “Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions”
  • Select the Partition from where you want to allocate Space.
  • Click “Shrink Partition”
  • You would see Free Space.

Create Installer

  • Download the Latest Image of Ubuntu 18.04 from Here.
  • You will need a Memory Stick of ≥4GB.
  • If you’re using Windows, use This Tool for a quick setup.
  • If you have access to an Ubuntu System, use the inbuilt Startup Disk Creator.
  • On the Target PC, Restart and Enter BIOS and Enable Boot from USB.
  • Restart and Enter Windows.
  • Navigate to Advanced Startup Options.
  • Click on Restart.
  • Select the USB(UEFI) or USB(UBUNTU) or USB option.
  • You will find this screen.
  • Select Install Ubuntu.

Installing Ubuntu

  • Select the Language
  • Ignore the Update while Installing (It slows down the installation if your internet is slow)
  • Select Language.
  • Select Something Else
  • Find the “Free Space” you had created earlier.
  • Click on “+” 
    Next you need to allocate space to your OS and to SWAP.
  • Give Most of the space to /
    (I prefer allocating one single space to / and /home. Reason: Some Installations, specially CUDA might cross the size allocated to /)
  • Give 2x The Space of your RAM to SWAP. 
    Personally, I have a 16GB RAM and allocate 64GB just to give me extra room to work with Huge Datasets.
  • Setup your login credentials
  • Finally Click Install
  • Finally, Reboot.

That’s it, you’re done.

You can find me on twitter @bhutanisanyam1
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