My 2018 Self Driving and Flying - Learning Path Blog Series.

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Here is the Part 2, go check it out to know what has been going on in my Garage!

1 Month down the Highway with My Self Driving Car Learning Path and I’m loving the ride. And I have some exciting News to Share.

But First, here’s what I’ve been upto in my Garage:

  • Completed the MIT SDC 2018 Course and got a High Score of 70Mph in DeepTraffic. I’m looking forward to the release of SegFuse to try more exciting stuff.
  • [Failure] Fried the RasPi Camera on My Mini SDC Project. Fair Warning: Be very careful when working with Bare Circuit Electronics. Luckily, my New Camera has just arrived as Today, the Pi Board was undamaged and I can get back to it.
  • Completed the Projects Lane Finding and Traffic Sign Classifier. A detailed post on these once these have been reviewed by Udacity.
  • Practised LSTM implementations (End-to-End) with Keras (Link TBD).
  • Learnt ROS Basics. 
    [Announcement]: I will soon release a Medium and YouTube Tutorial series on working with Self Driving Cars using ROS (with Gazebo Sim).

Here’s the First (Unedited) Video from the Series:

Sanyam Bhutani_ROS for SDC Part

  • I’ve explored a Few Simulators for Playing with my SDC Ideas: 
    - CarlaSim
    - Autoware
    - AirSim
    - TrueVision
    - RightHook
    - EuroTruckSim 2
    A more detailed Post on these soon once I have a firm understanding of all the Simulators. Right Now, I like ETS2 and Carla a lot. But I have a lot more tinkering to do.

Google India Scholarship

I have always wanted to work on Deep Learning ideas that would help people at a massive scale.

Developing Android/iOS applications would be the ideal path to this.

Thanks to Udacity and Google for granting me the Scholarship to Android App Dev.

I certainly hope to release a few ideas of mine (For free of course, by Q3–2018).

Changing Lanes to Take a Flight

Given my belief in Sebestian Thrun’s philosophy of Dreaming Big and chasing ideas fearlessly, I was really looking forward to the Flying Car Nanodegree.

And when I received an acceptance mail from Udacity, On the 14th of Feb - I decided to change lanes and Shift Gears for a Flight.

What would you expect a Geek to do on Valentine’s?

I decided to invest my Savings for a GPU-Rig to learn about Flying Cars.

Fly Now, Train Models Later. (Meanwhile, AWS to The Rescue)

I’m definitely up for a Challenge since I’m studying about Flying Cars, Self Driving Cars and Learning from the Scholarship and I’m a ‘Full Time University Student, Part Time Deep Learning Student’.

But I certainly will continue sharing in this series, what I’ve learnt via the Nanodegrees. And Share my Path to Driving and Flying Autonomously.

What are you geeks upto on Valentine’s?

Coming up Soon (Links TBD):

  • PyTorch Series
  • ROS Series
  • SDC Projects Series
  • Flying Car Series (Detailed Project Descriptions, If I’m able to- A YouTube Series)

Here’s a Long Term Dream Concept of Mine:
You can find me on twitter @bhutanisanyam1
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