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Computer Vision. What is it about imagining flying in a Iron Man suit with all of the AI Imaging stuff being done by J.A.R.V.I.S.? Courtesy: Iron Man Movie
Courtesy: Iron Man Movie

What is it about being able to process a video feed and analyse it in real time for the desired results?

Does the idea of having a Vision module that scans through a room and brings up realted results excite you?

If you’re here. You share our enthusiasm at Init 27 labs. We’re a group of undergraduates that are on a path to revolutionalizing the Computer Vision learning. Computer Vision ideas excite us. We’re pumped to dream up of a project that can be deployed to make something practical happen. However, if you’ve even remotely tried doing anything like that, you’ve stumbled across the barriers that we did.

At Init 27 labs, we wish to bring you the best tutorials on the projects that we have implemented in our Undergraduate journey that we wish we had during our initial ventures.

The Tutorial series will be based on creating projects in a modular way so that you could even hack around with our code to create the stuff that you want to.

We’ll be creating a community for discussions, we’ll make sure that every pre-requisite is covered by our resources as well.

More on this soon. Stay Tuned.

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Sanyam Bhutani

Founder, Lead

Init 27 Labs