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Init 27 Labs

init27Labs is our attempt at giving back to the ML Community.

Over the years, Personally I have learned a lot via Open Communities. In my School, we don’t have “cutting-edge” practitioner Culture.

Our Hope is that via Medium Articles and YouTube Videos, we want to share our knowledge and help anyone who comes from a similar background.

I’m an Active Mentor in the AISaturdays Slack, RemoteML Community, a Mentor at Mentorcruise.

All of these efforts are to help anyone join the Cutting Edge Club.

What started as a CV Publication has now Grown to a Publication of:

Personally, I’m a Machine Learning Engineer. I’m also known as “The Youngest Flying Car Engineer”, a Self Driving Car Engineer.

If you’re intersted in helping our efforts, feel free to shoot me a Tweet @bhutanisanyam1 or Reach out via the Contact Menu. Anyone is welcome.

If you’re interested in requesting for a specific domain tutorial, you could contact me.

The Resources we share will always be free. We’re not Industry Experts and neither do we claim to be. We’re Tech Enthusiasts, Noob Kagglers.

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Sanyam Bhutani

Co-Founder, Lead Init 27 Labs