FAST AI ML Meetup #0 Notes


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  1. Intro: FastAI ML Meetup.

  2. Purpose of the Meetup: Accountability, Motivation, Encouragement.

  3. Topics Covered:

  1. Cloud Options: Crestle Paperspace VectorDash

  2. BlueBook For Bulldozers: The goal of the contest is to predict the sale price of a particular piece of heavy equiment at auction based on it’s usage, equipment type, and configuaration. The data is sourced from auction result postings and includes information on usage and equipment configurations.

    Structured Data: (Unoffcial Def) Columns of Data having varying types of Data.

    • Pandas
    • FastAI imports includes it.

    • Download Data
    • Load CSV Using Pandas
    • Display data. Write a func to be able to display all.

    Evaluation: RMSLE MATH ALERT! Root mean squared log error: between the actual and predicted auction prices.

    Random Forests: Great Start. Why? Universal ML Technique for predicting categorical/continuous values. Doesn’t overfit generally Works w/o validation No Stats assumption

    Curse Of Dim. No Free Lunch Th.

    Feature Engineering: RF Expects Numerical Data.

     1. add_datepart()
     2. Categorical
     3. Fix Missing Values
     4. proc_df()

    Regressor is called.

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