Basic Tutorials Part 1

Basic Tutorials Part 1.

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BASH. Terminal. Command Line.

These terms are usually used to refer to a Black and white window where people (geeks) usually type in code and work with.

BASH: Bourne Again Shell, is what runs your commands when you type them.

Terminal: The windows is called Terminal, is where you type the commands.

Why use Terminal?

Given these reasons, we chose to use Terminal for our work.

Basic Commands

Know that this is by no means an exhaustive list and is meant to provide an introductory walkthrough.

There are many more things to be explored. Feel free to ask for more resources or doubts in the comments below.



The $ is the prompt. Which means that the terminal is ready and is waiting for your commands to start.

mkdir dirname
cd dirname

cd=Change directory, by changing your directory. You are changing your present working directory.

cp <from> <to>
mv <from> <to>
rm filename
cat filename
touch filename.extension
sudo apt-get install SoftwareName

These are the absolute basic commands that should get you started. Feel free to explore more and ask in the comments below for help.

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