Cloud Setup Tutorial Part-2

AWS Setup Tutorial

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This is Part 2 of the Tutorial Series for setting up AWS. Checkout the Part 1 here.

In this post, we explore spot instances. Spot instances are an amazing way to cutting down your AWS bills by upto 90%!

Why Cheap? Well Amazon tends to leave its free servers around for usage of Spot instances; as a user you place a ‘bet’ on the pricing that you want for the instance. If someone outbids your price or if the load on AWS goes up. Boof! Your instance is gone!

One more point, unlike normal instances-spot instances do not let you retain your data after stopping the instance. There is no option of stopping it infact, you can only terminate the instance.

Now assuming we are good with the disclaimers and need to cut our costs, lets proceed:

Assumption: You’ve gone through the Part 1 and have a valid AWS account with a access to GPU Compute permissions (you have applied for increase in compute power and have access to >1 according to the limits)

Login Screen

Select your region from the Drop down menu

Select Spot Instances

Requesting: So how this works is, you place a ‘bet’ on the pricing you want and AWS grants you the access based on availability. Now based on the load on AWS servers and the pricing you have requested, you may have to wait for a while.

Click on Request a Spot Instance

Request Menu

Select and AMI

Select p2.xlarge


Security groups

Key Pair: We use Secure Shell Login or SSH to login to our instances, the security is ensured by A Key-Pair which gives you access to the instance

Click on Instance and connect

Any problems? Leave a comment below!